Mission and vision

The mission 

At Campus Vesta, we contribute to the optimal functioning of the emergency services sector and to increasing safety in our society.

We provide an environment for formation, training and education (FTE) for firefighters, police, emergency medical services workers and partners in safety.

Our core business:

  • We organise basic and advanced training courses.
  • We develop tailor-made FTE programmes.
  • We integrate practical experience into our learning programmes.
  • We are a forum for new developments and an international meeting place for the exchange of knowledge.

Our vision

  • Multidisciplinary cooperation makes us strong.
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience between disciplines enhances the quality of our training programmes.
  • We play a pioneering role in multidisciplinary exercises.
  • We are a dynamic and customer-oriented organisation.
  • We respond quick and flexible to training needs.
  • We are a reference in terms of quality.
  • We work with governments and specialist partners.

Our strategic objectives

  • To promote public safety, we provide sufficient and high-quality education, training and instruction to both voluntary and professional parties involved in civil and police safety.
  • Our training courses take a multidisciplinary approach wherever possible.
  • We extend the FTE offer (Formation, Training and Education) to all target groups involved in civil and police security.
  • We strive for international recognition and evolve towards becoming an international meeting place for the integral exchange of knowledge on safety.
  • We organise conferences with relevance to society and study days on safety.
  • We are constantly strengthening our role as a catalyst between supply and demand in meeting FTE needs by:
  • creatively searching for the most appropriate formula (classical education, intervision session, interactive training, tailor-made sessions, etc.)
  • attracting the appropriate speakers (lecturers/experts/facilitators, internal or external, etc.)
  • strengthening of partnerships (with external organisations, inter-provincial cooperation, etc.)

What do we stand for as a team?


We value honesty in everything we do. We believe that transparency is vital to improve our services. While we have to be self-sufficient as an autonomous provincial company  and we work in a commercial market for certain training courses, we embrace our competitors. We believe in knowledge sharing. The better trained the public sector and the business community are, the stronger we are when disasters and major accidents occur. We need to be able to rely on each other in interventions, so transparency is key.

When something goes wrong, you can talk to us about it openly. We prefer to do that in a way that connects with you. When things go well, we like to give the people who do the work the encouragement they deserve.


What we do, we do with dedication. Why? Because the people who work at Campus Vesta have consciously chosen to work for a company that is socially relevant. We work behind the scenes on safety in our society. We listen to what's on the minds of the different safety disciplines in the Province of Antwerp and respond to their training needs. Our stakeholders sit on our board of directors and help us guide our policies.


We are helping to build an international narrative in knowledge sharing. We want to make a positive contribution in a holistic approach. We are a small-scale, close-knit company, but our mission is to respond to social change, both on a national and international level.