CBRN training

European Disaster Management Scenarios

Accidents and disasters become more complicated. The increase of terror threats and transboundary crimes makes the professionalization of European collaboration irreversible. Through large scale life scenario trainings we enhance the European civil protection mechanism.

Trainings cover:

  • decontamination
  • terrorism
  • natural disasters
  • technological disasters
  • ...

Partner in European Consortium eNOTICE

As a network partner of the eNOTICE research program of the European Commission we benefit national and EU CBRN projects, thereby expand network scope and size, fast-tracking innovations and dissemination. 

Main goals

  • the consortium uses efficiently investments made across Europe in demonstration, testing, and training facilities for practitioners
  • this novel concept will issue meaningful users-guided recommendations to the EU R&D programme
  • we help to enhance CBRN product performance and competitiveness
  • we decrease EU market fragmentation
  • only such an interactive and collaborative approach is expected to reach long-term sustainability

Follow the research results

Check out the project website: www.h2020-enotice.eu